Sister and Sister’s Sexual Circumstances


Japanese title: 姉と妹の性事情[MOVIE]


I observed my brother and his wife’s bedroom, only to discover her holding a snack in her mouth. My brother peacefully snored, exhausted from a long day of work. In her desperation, she attempted to awaken him, but he remained sound asleep. Unexpectedly, I intruded into the room and unintentionally made contact with her rear end… Later that night, peculiar moans resonated from her quarters. With caution, she softly opened the door and found her sister engaged in self-stimulation. Suppressing her voice, she struggled to control her own desires. Upon noticing my presence, she eagerly beckoned me into her room, continuing her intimate actions… As a result, my relationship with my sister-in-law developed, forcing me to confront a difficult choice between the two of them.