Love Doll episode 2


Rachel, who was taken by the messenger of Marquis Luce to become the same social flower as her beloved mother, looked up at the old castle surrounded by darkness with a mixed look of anticipation and anxiety. He never wants to go back to the monastery. However, his only regret is farewell to his first love partner, Andrew. For Rachel, who thought she was lonely for the rest of her life after his mother died, the existence of her uncle Luce, who she met for the first time, is most encouraging. Rachel hears from Luce that there are many challenges waiting for her to make her debut in social circles, and that there is a path of sadness and XX (Ai Doru) before clearing all of them.

Eventually, Luce began to talk about his rules to follow here. Listen to everyone in the castle as a teacher, don’t take care of yourself, follow all planned lessons (intellectual lessons in the morning, sexual lessons in the afternoon) That, do not leave the castle without permission. And if you break them, he will have to be severely punished. At that time, there is a person who breaks open both legs of Rachel who listens to the story.