Jitaku Keibiin episode 4


In order to protect her home from the devil’s hands of Shoko who plans to take over the dead tree family, in
order to instill fear of herself, Tsuyoshi does her best every day.
Until the day his mother and daughter move to their new home, the home guard will carry out their duties.

At the entrance, in the bathroom, in the dining room, in
swimsuit, in pink nurse, in bunny clothes,

wearing various costumes anywhere in the house, overrunning the females.
He keeps an eye on him on a daily basis and puts his target in further fear.
Her mother and daughter, who succumbed to the threat of contemplation, presented her body without any help, and
their daily lives became constant lustful days.
Everything is going well.

But the home guard doesn’t know.
The eyes of the females who see themselves are changing mysteriously.