Foxy Nudes episode 1


Etsuko Yamanobe, a signboard caster of Tokyo Flower TV, was known as a caster among the casters because her judgment and analysis ability were top notch. At one point, a hostage siege incident occurs. A man who was dismissed from the financial company he was working for broke into the president’s house because of his anger, and took the president’s daughter as a hostage. Etsuko, who was broadcasting the incident, says she goes to the scene and negotiates with a man.

She was Etsuko reading the news with a serious look, but she opened her legs under her table and squeezed her crotch with her right hand. Of course, that pattern is also being broadcast … After the broadcast, Etsuko teams up with the comprehensive security armed security and begins negotiations with the hostages. What is the whole picture of the broadcast that the wild female newscaster makes full use of all means …!?