Soushisouai Note The Animation episode 1


[Kuchibiru classmate]
Yen is called to karaoke by friends Yurie and Natsumi, depending on the number of joint parties. However, the only remaining boys are the soccer clubs of the same school.
As a bonus, Yurie and Natsumi find each other and get out early. The remaining circle and charge. However, it seems that Mitsuru wasn’t full, and the two of them kissed in a good atmosphere. Then I went to the hotel … !!

[Sweat-absorbing manager]
Ai Shindo, a healing busty manager of the soccer club, was dating her senior Namagawa. After the practice, the boys took care to leave Ai and Namagawa alone.
Ai then pushes her unshowered Namagawa to the floor. Indigo was actually a morbid scent fetish.
She seems to like the smell of Namagawa in particular. Ai just licks her Namagawa’s body and gets acme …!?