Hypnosis part-time job ~Because the manager’s orders are absolute for the clerk gal~


japanese: 催●アルバイト~店員ギャルに店長命令は絶対だから~ PLAY MOVIE


In “Late Night Attitude”, we follow the story of Iri Kurusu, a part-timer who is known for her cold demeanor and lack of motivation. Despite her poor attitude, the store is forced to keep her on due to a staff shortage. However, when her behavior becomes too much for her boss to handle, he decides that simply firing her isn’t enough. He must take matters into his own hands and teach her a lesson she won’t forget. But as he begins to carry out his punishment, he realizes that there may be more to Iri than meets the eye. Will he go through with his plan, or will he discover that there’s more to life than just work?.