The Case Where I Was Reincarnated As A Lady In Another World ~Until I Was Entrapped By A Black Prince~


The Case Where She Was Reincarnated As A Lady In Another World Until She Was Entrapped By A Black Prince” (Japanese title: 異世界の令嬢にTS転生していた件~私が腹黒王子に籠絡されるまで~) is a 35-minute motion anime set to air on January 27, 2023. The anime, with alternative code APCP-006, The story begins with the main character experiencing dizziness and collapsing, hitting her head and awakening memories from her previous life as a man. In this new world, she has reincarnated as Lilisphia Leifreed, the daughter of a duke and an evil young lady in a web novel. Despite feeling disappointed, she tries to find ways to change the future since the story takes place in the past from the start of the timeline.

However, her efforts are thwarted by the appearance of Prince Forsatan Milenius, her fiancé. Despite Lilisphia’s desire to break off the engagement, she is eventually forced into it by Prince Forsatan, who wants to keep her by any means necessary. This leads to Lilisphia being entrapped by the black prince.