Torokase Orgasm The Animation episode 1


Episode 1 “Shadow Vine”
I was supposed to spend my summer vacation in my father’s countryside.
To be honest, I wasn’t very enthusiastic, but I couldn’t control the feelings I had when I met my first love aunt again.
Her aunt forgave her body, saying, “I’ll just give you a chew …”, but of course, kissing alone didn’t stop her …

Episode 2 “Senseiyo!” Yukio
, who had heard the rumor that Mr. Kotomi, who had loved him since he was a child, would get married, couldn’t stand even if he was there, so he went to see Mr. Kotomi. ….
She confesses to her there, but her feelings run wild and she attacks Kotomi-sensei!
But I found out that it was a lie that Kotomi-sensei got married …