Gold Throbber episode 2


Rikako’s next target was a leading trading company man. On a crowded train, Rikako approaches the man and rubs her body as usual. I interrupted between Rikako and her man and stopped it. Next was to make Rikako care about her. However, at that time, the landlady, Asuka Tendouji, was sitting in the seat next to her. God sensed the danger, but it was too late. My right arm around Rikako’s ass was twisted up by Tendouji, and Tendouji shouted, “Molester!” In a blink of an eye, her arm was handcuffed and I was taken out of the car. Of course, the police officer was also their companion. God repeats the molester act one after another in front of me in order to hone his own skill in preparation for the molester confrontation of Asuka Tendouji. The feeling that God emits from his fingertips stimulates the sexual desire of women and leads them to a crucible of excitement. I was enthusiastic about the brilliant skill of high school girls, housewives, and even grandmothers. Information came from the spy Eri Nagisa. Tendouji used to say that she has had darkness in her heart since she was molested. It seemed impossible for God to drop her, who refuses to be touched by any man. God began to read the molester diary that he had inherited from his master.