Gold Throbber episode 1


“The main sentence, the defendant will be sentenced to 6 months in prison for obscene acts, and the execution of the sentence will be postponed for 2 years.” My name is Yuji Sakai, 32 years old. He was convicted of an unfamiliar molestation. After leaving the court, a man called out to me, who was stunned. “I’m sorry. I’m innocent. I was fitted by someone.” The man’s name is Kazuo Nemoto. He was the genius of molester called “the second generation, the god of molester”. The woman who put me in was said to have put me in a trap with his territory. This incident, which happened in front of him who was a master of molestation, was an unforgivable event for him.

Moreover, there have been 12 similar incidents along the private railway line in the last six months. God actually showed me the technique of molesting. When I was shocked or excited by God’s too early work, I immediately became a captive of a molester. Moreover, God unknowingly pulled out the black leather notebook from the woman’s back. A terrifying fact found in the notebook. “Heisei Construction” It is a contracted molester damage business. In other words, it was a group of dark workers who pretended to be the victims of molestation and socially buried the person nominated by the client. God has decided to bury this organization. Moreover, it is said that these women will be buried with shame that there is no more. It was a big conflict that could be called a molester war.