OVA Hatsukoi Jikan. episode 6


Our heroine, Kirika, she’s got this man she’s always admired, and he’s none other than her onii-san. And our Homeboy’s now a freakin’ teacher. But here’s the twist, even though he acts all mature and shit, he can’t help but get hella turned on when he catches a glimpse of Kirika’s lewd areas. Man, this dude talks smack about her being immature and all, but the moment he spots a peek down south, he’s straight up ready to explode with excitement! And Kirika, she’s all about pushing the boundaries and seeing what’s really going on in his head. She cranks up the heat, teasing him like crazy, making his senses go wild. From some intense thigh rubbing action to an explosive climax, Kirika can’t hide her joy and arousal. She wants to know for real what’s going on in his mind. Does he harbors the same feelings as Kirika does? And damn, things get even wilder! Unable to resist the temptation any longer, they decided to go all out, going all bareback with their love-making!