OVA Hatsukoi Jikan. episode 5


There was this dude who’s a hardcore otaku who thought he left that life behind. But little did he know, trouble was about to hit him like a wrecking ball in the form of his kouhai gal, Ayane. This girl was always up in his face, diggin’ into his past and all that. Ayane, with her suspiciously aggressive moves, was on a mission to uncover mc’s deep, dark secrets and use ’em against him. She’d challenge him to some epic fighting games in front of the whole crew, grillin’ him about his taste in the latest anime. As Ayane’s relentless pursuit got under mc’s skin, his defenses started crumbling faster than a stack of Jenga blocks. Finally, he couldn’t resist no more, and their passionate kiss became the tipping point. As they unraveled their misunderstandings, Ayane turned up the heat, takin’ charge like a boss. From mind-blowing kisses to sizzling encounters and a confession that rocked mc’s world, this love story was straight-up wild. It all started with some major mix-ups, but now Ayane was bringin’ the heat, leavin’ our mc gasping for more.