OVA Hatsukoi Jikan. episode 3


Anri, the loyal servant, is extremely filled with excitement after getting dirty with her main homie, the master. She’s feelin’ hella good, and that energy translates into her kickass bento lunch that she’s makin’ with love and excitement. Every damn dish is infused with her newfound happiness. On the flip side, Takuya is goin’ through some deep emotional shit. He’s all caught up in his head, strugglin’ to put his real feelings into words. It’s tearin’ him up inside, man. But he ain’t about to let Anri’s face cloud over with sadness. That’s when he steps up and drops a bombshell confession that changes the game completely. Their passion ignites, and they dive headfirst into some mind-blowing, no-holds-barred  sex. It’s all about that raw connection, that intense desire between them. And when they hit that peak of pleasure, you know what’s comin’ next – an explosive climax that’ll blow your damn mind.