OVA Hatsukoi Jikan. episode 4


Jurin, a genius with a knack for always taking the top spot in exams, is faced with a relentless challenger by our mc who constantly placed on 2nd place. Determined to surpass Jurin one day, mc devotes himself to studying tirelessly. But Jurin ain’t just playing fair. She starts messing with MC, pulling pranks and messing with his head. And man, he can’t resist her wicked games. It’s like she’s got him all hot and bothered, and he ends up taking a mouthful of her tempting bait. And wait for it, she even crashes at his crib, butt naked! With Jurin’s seductive interference, MC can’t resist any longer. Before they know it, they’re getting all up close and personal, getting it on both physically and emotionally. As they dive deeper into their desires, their connection grows stronger by the freaking second. Their love born from the exam competition.