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Real Eroge Situation! The Animation episode 2

Aya confessed Kaku Ona, Kanna confessed, and Yuri confessed.
Shinobu Nagato, who is constantly receiving a radical approach from three people.
I should have decided to choose one by the school festival, but I couldn’t decide.
One day-the incident happened.

“Ehehe, it’s been a long time! Oni-chan ♪”

The childhood friend “Ui Torii” who moved when he was little is back.
However, Ui’s parents, who were supposed to come back with him, did not come back due to a sudden job, and at
the suggestion of Nazuna, Ui decided to stay at my house !?

“I’m serious? I’ve always liked Oni-chan. ”
” So, I’m horny with me … ♪ ”

In this way, my youth, who is” rear erotic, “-opens the curtain again !!