Pretty Mask 2 NewGenesis


The next installment of Pretty Mask features less screen time for the titular masked girl, but fear not, as we have plenty of fully-voiced 3D computer graphics action in store! The plot revolves around three gods who descend upon Earth with the aim of annihilating human civilization. Despite their success, the story takes an unexpected turn when a man is transported to a parallel universe inhabited only by old men and young girls.

The video is presented in 60 frames per second and encoded in the H264 MP4 format. With a total runtime of one hour, viewers can enjoy the voice acting talents of Sagi Kashimura as the male character, and Pako Shirakawa, Kanon Yuugiri, Riia Narimori, Mei Satsuki, and MurasakiPerusya as the female characters Miyabi, Tomomi, Ayaka, Ayane, and Kihime, respectively.