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Real Eroge Situation! The Animation episode 1

Shinobu fell in love with his classmate “Kanna Miyanoue”.
However, she seems to be not good at otaku, and Shinobu decides to get rid of otaku.

-A year later, a letter arrives to him.

“I’ll be waiting in the classroom after school.”
The sender of the letter was Shinobu’s love partner … Kanna.
However, what was waiting for him to go to the classroom-was the popular gal girl “Aya Amasaki” in the school.
Shinobu Tomadou confesses her love, saying, “She fell in love with you at first sight.”
She said she would prevent her nerd from leaving her as she likes.
She listens to Aya’s confession and becomes more active with Kanna and her childhood friend “Yuri Satogami” …!
From that day on, his rear erotic daily life began-!