Honoo no Haramase Oppai: Ero Appli Gakuen The Animation episode 2


The main character, Masato Majime, is an ordinary erotic second grader who attends Ichisakura Gakuen.
(Famous for being a shameless and perverted horseman from girls.)
One day, he was given the “erotic love smartphone” by the black cat Shamy who helped
him, and he was the strongest pervert from an erotic student. It was a job change and level up for students!
Ichisakura Gakuen is one of the top 3 nationwide breast deviation values, so girls can take a closer look!
A female bath in 3 seconds after pressing the button! “Women’s bath door everywhere” app!
“Cock stroke” app that becomes erotic when you stroke a girl with a cock cursor!
“Molester this” app with 100% success rate of molester!
For a cool childhood friend, launch the Harenchi app to deepen your erotic communication!
Launch the sex education app for the noisy and serious disciplinary committee members!
Can Mashu Saint conquer Ichisakura Gakuen with a metamorphosis erotic app?