The Last Kunoichi episode 2


The death of a beloved man … Therefore, the irises have gone far away. Kaede and Kikyo began to question the rules of stealth. In Kyo, which announces Fengyunkyu, the area around Ryoma gradually becomes noisy. It was Kikyo that saved the ronin who attacked Ryoma to kill him. Ryoma and Kikyo understand each other’s feelings and try to pave the way for “freedom.”
However, under Kikyo, the secret life of “Assassination of Ryoma” goes down. Kikyo sways between the rules of shinobi and love for Ryoma. However, what was waiting for Kikyo was the worst ending created by “the law of shinobi” and “love and freedom” … Is there a tomorrow for Kunoichi and his friends? See the second installment of the much-talked-about historical swashbuckler “Kunoichi Bakumatsu Kitan”!