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Shiiba-san no Ura no Kao. episode 1

・ “Mr. Shiiba’s back face.”
Okura was in agony while looking at the silent and mysterious girl, Mr. Shiiba, who was sitting diagonally in front of her.
In fact, the other day she witnessed her having sex with her father-in-law.
Then Okura is called after school by Mr. Shiiba.

She was confused, but when she headed to her promised empty classroom , Shiiba-san gave her a radical invitation …!? It was seen by Miku, my sister.
Miku, who was in heat after seeing her DVD, said she wanted to do it herself and approached her Takase, but he ran away at once.
She was Takase who rushed to the bathroom, but Miku came over and reached out to her curious dick!