Seduction by my wife’s younger sister ~It feels even better than with my older sister~ PLAY MOVIE


japanese:嫁の妹の甘い誘惑~お姉ちゃんよりも気持ちイイでしょ♪~ PLAY MOVIE


“So, um, are you sexually frustrated, big brother? Are you having sex with your older sister properly?”

While teaching his younger sister-in-law, “Mimori,” I was dumbfounded by the sudden words thrown at me.

“You’re so stiff and hard, how much have you been holding back? Well, then, I can just lick it up for you right now, you know?”

Mimori tempted me with a sweet and seductive smile, as if teasing me.

“…I refuse. No matter how much you try to tempt me, it’s pointless…”

“Hmm, I see… You’re already married, big brother. You can’t do anything bad, can you? Hehe… Then, how about this instead?”

Saying that, Mimori lifted up her school uniform…