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Natsuyasumi Ake no Kanojo wa… episode 2

After the summer vacation, Kanade, who came to school, was completely different from when she was. Neat, cute, innocent was she what used to be.
During her summer vacation, she was trained in sexual pleasure and made into a lewd woman, and she was dating her classmate Reiji Matsuoka, whom she used to hate so much.
When Nishida tried to open her clubroom, he heard a voice inside.
In the room, Kanade and Reiji were having sex.
Nishida cannot accept the reality.
It’s been a week since then… Hana Kanade has disappeared from her clubroom.
He suddenly sees Reiji entering her clubroom and asks if he wants to direct a video.
Nishida, who doesn’t know anything about her, takes a step into the shooting studio, where she is naked and blindfolded, with her hands hanging.
Nishida, who is puzzled by her appearance, still hides her turmoil and silently rolls the camera.
In front of his lens, she was perfectly trained into a horny female pig, and the viewers saw her panting with a vibrator in her pussy and a dick in her ass.