Natsuyasumi Ake no Kanojo wa… episode 1


Kanade Amakawa was cheerful, serious, excellent in grades, neat and cute, and liked the mc, Nishida Hajime of the Movie Club.
The season is summer —
The two of them had faint hope of becoming a lover by shortening the distance during this summer vacation.
But there was a guy who known as a womanizer, this guy loves stealing other’s woman and throw them when he gets bored.
One day, they promoised to go a movie together, but was not at the meeting place.
Instead, that guy is there.

She had no choice but to watch the movie together.
Suddenly the man confessed when she was thrilled by the excitement of watching the movie.
Hanao, who has a passion of sex for Kanade, grabs her shoulder and kisses her forcibly when she rushes to her reply.
Is this the beginning of a nightmare, or … ?