Soushisouai Note The Animation episode 2


[Soft poolside]
Yuta, a member of the swimming club, was longing for Genkawa, a female director with big breasts and a manly man.
One day after school, Yuta fell asleep in the club room and witnessed Genkawa swimming naked in the pool at night.
In fact, Genkawa has a tough swimsuit, so she sometimes enjoyed her feeling of openness.
Genkawa insured Yuta to keep her secret …

[Hunting Girls] Yen, Yurie, and Natsumi, who invite her junior Akihiko to play the game.
However, Yen has a date promise and will soon disperse.
Akihiko, who was secretly longing for the circle, was shocked to have a boyfriend in the circle, but Yurie and Natsumi invite him to the arcade.
When the three of us went into the machine to take a photo booth, Natsuki robbed Akihiko of his lips, lifted his clothes and touched his raw boobs …!?