Jitaku Keibiin episode 2


The man’s name is “Karekitsunetaka”.
He is a veteran home guard with 20 years of service.
In a mansion protected by common thoughts, a widow “Shoko Katsuragi” who remarried his father and has a plump body, and
his younger sister “Sayaka” who steals the eyes of a man with big breasts, cheeky but well-proportioned. My sister “Yuki” who has a widowed body will stay.
From my intuition as a home guard, I found out that Shoko was planning to take over the dead tree family.
In order to protect her irreplaceable home, Tsunei aims at her younger sister, Yuki, and uses a number of voyeur machines to explore her weaknesses.
She is a small but well-shaped beautiful breast.
The crotch that is exposed to unsuspecting in everyday life.
Intimate contact with female friends that goes beyond friendship.
The camera captures the ecstatic expression.
And the home guard who grasped her weakness devours her girl’s first experience.
Her cheeky mouth is closed with a meat stick and penetrates deep into the petals that no one has touched.
The next target is … my sister, Yuki Katsuragi! !!