Toilet no Hanako-san vs Kukkyou Taimashi episode 2


The demon master, Kongo Masurao, stayed in the town even after Hanako-san was purified, and continued to exterminate the evil spirits that nest in the town.
A mysterious incoming call on his cell phone. The other party is Mary’s phone!
Kongo greets you at the invitation of the other party.
The figure of Mary who appeared in front of him was a woman in a lottery dress covered with grudges! “I’m scared, so don’t be prepared!” Merry attacks Hanako-san in the name of
katakiuchi . However, Kongo sets a trap and blocks the movement of the beautiful girl evil spirit. A small body that can be held. Also a small innocent fissure. The beautiful face of white and clear skin is distorted by fear with big cock and cloudiness. Now is the time to feed the evil fallen Ma Ko with Tenki semen! ¬ A ringtone from a smartphone that shouldn’t ring at midnight. The other party of the call was a “doll” with a female genitalia.