Toilet no Hanako-san vs Kukkyou Taimashi episode 3


I heard a rumor that a demon master, Kongo Masurao, is collecting information on evil spirits.
The existence of evil spirits is inferred from the sightings.
The name is also a human face dog!
Kongo visited the rumored place.
The human-faced dog that appeared in front of him was a naked girl with a dog-eared dog tail!
“You’re the one who bullied Hanako! I’ll blow you away! One-on-one!”
Contrary to the boyish face, the beautiful breasts that grew up moderately.
She has a slender and toned body, but her round butt shows her femininity.
To play with her body, Kongo proposed a sex game!
Now is the time to feed the evil fallen pussy with Tenki semen!
At midnight, the four-legged big-breasted youkai that wriggles in the park was the “human-faced dog” that Chi ○ Chi ○ was good at, in the thought of her husband.