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Toilet no Hanako-san vs Kukkyou Taimashi episode 1

The retired demon, Kongo Masurao, visited an eerie abandoned school building in a certain town.
A ferocious evil spirit lurked there.
The name is Hanako-san in the toilet!
Hanako, who was invaded by evil power and gained great spiritual power, even changed her appearance!
Big breasts that push her shirt up and are sandwiched between suspenders.
The thighs that extend from her red skirt and the big butt that sticks out.
Hanako is covered in grudges, but Kongo does not give in.
Put her holy power into the cock and purify the evil spirits with her semen!
“Now, it’s human, it’s on the edge …!”
Now is the time to feed the evil fallen Ma Ko with Tenki semen!
At midnight, a school toilet where no one should be.
What was lurking at the end of the door was the “boobs” of the bob.