Toilet no Hanako-san vs Kukkyou Taimashi episode 4


The retired demon, Kongo Masurao, was chasing a rumored evil spirit.
A monster that the townspeople are so seriously afraid to refrain from going out.
The name is Kuchisakeonna!
Kongo looking for the town.
The figure of the Kuchisake-onna that appeared in front of him was a red coat on her mouth that was torn apart, and a naked exhibitionist underneath!
“Good evening ~ I’m a woman with a split mouth ~ Her ahe ~” Shake her hips unpleasantly and show off her bare secret.
The sloppy hanging huge breasts dance and invite males indecently.
Kongo rides on the invitation of a woman with a split mouth.
However, Ichimotsu is on the verge of falling to a more famous instrument than expected!
A mighty enemy, but don’t give up, Kongo!
Now is the time to feed the evil fallen Ma Ko with Tenki semen!
When Omagatoki, a woman in a red coat appears in front of her.
The owner of the big mouth that occupies half of her face was …
a flasher who was good at Fellatio.