Ane Chijo Max Heart episode 2

“Kira, listen to your sister’s request.”
Sarasa, who rushes into the classroom of her younger brother Kira, smiles in front of Kira and says,
“The hook of the bra is broken …” A
cute smile . On the contrary, he uttered a ridiculous thing …
While everyone could see it with his white eyes, he hid in the shadow of the curtain and fixed the hook. A ferocious light that seems to be bloody in Sarasa’s eyes to such a healthy younger brother Kira … Handles a
meat stick behind her, and bends down with her lost object and sucks the meat stick. Kira-kun, who had an outburst in the classroom, didn’t feel comfortable with such an obscene hand-kneading Sarasa …It is Kasuri-chan, a junior of Tsurupetu Sui, who jumps and kicks the relationship between the two. “I love my
seniors … I love them all the time …”
Kasuri-chan shined her eyes brilliantly with an innocent smile and a stain on her pants that leaked and got wet.
Hmmm, sir! ”
Kasuri-chan, a runaway daughter, buried her meat stick in a small meat jar before Sarasa-san returned at Kira-kun’s house …