Implicity episode 1


“episode 0 -Emmy and Lynn” In
the near future Emmy and Lynn returned home to report a promise, but they were away.
The two act as they learned in the video “First Sex Guide” that they saw a long time ago, and once again confirm that they are excellently compatible.
And before getting a license, they registered as partners and wanted to have children.

“episode 1-Youni and Ko”
Youni and Ko live poorly in the slumbs.
The ring that I happened to find in the waterway seems to have fallen from the upper layer, but it was a government product that was distributed free of charge without any value.
However, there were signs in the information inside. Kou proposes to withdraw money from the information on this ring and go to the upper layers together.
When Youny leaves the house to head to the meeting place with Kou, he is surrounded by a large number of men = boosted humans.
The price she lived as a prostitute in a distorted world continued mercilessly, and she reached the limits of her spirit …