Hyakkiya Tantei Jimusho: Hyakkiya Hikari no Youkai Jikenbo episode 3


A new request sent under the private detective Hyakukiya Hikari.
Frequent male suspicious death cases.
The light investigating the scene of the incident is stunned by the many naughty goods that overflow in the room.
Unlucky lewdness that suddenly occurred in such a situation!
It was a ghostly cat with a crispness, and it was a light that fluttered violently.
“Tamakin, no! At this point, no.” The
light that flashes in the wise man’s time.
Grasp the identity of the criminal with a clear reasoning.
However, the other party is not the only one.
There was a big thing growing on the beautiful youkai who was exposed and attacked!
Can Hikari beat Futanari Ochi * chi *?