Hyakkiya Tantei Jimusho: Hyakkiya Hikari no Youkai Jikenbo episode 4


Hikari and Tamakin are summoned by the Inspector and come into the mountains.
But what was waiting there were the bad guys youkai you should have caught before!
Three youkai who burn in revenge on the light.
They form a clique and stand in front of the light.
Yes, the so-called boss rush!
“Then, let’s solve the case. Be quiet and self-confess!”
Tamakin confronts the three attacking animals with overwhelming strength.
You won the spectacular 4P and won brilliantly!
However, a mysterious woman appears in front of the lights. She has a connection to Hikari’s parents.
And she was … all the masterminds.
Bakeneko Tamakin and the fate of the youkai detective Hikari !?