JK to Inkou Kyoushi 4 feat. Ero Giin-sensei Namaiki Hamedoru Friends episode 1


Hatsune is a cruiser and a vacation.
It’s been a long time since she was taken by Sensei and she’s alone.
As Sensei says, it is a micro bikini that is embarrassingly worn in an outstanding style.
While being violently pushed up by a member of the Diet who was excited to look into his face from his swimsuit, he was filled with joy as he was poured into the desire to make friends of the same generation from the
murderous world of wealth and power.

While having the Kuzudebu manager and teacher comfort his limbs that were too hot when he was excited, he complained,
“Why do I have to take care of the transfer student?”
It was a little cheeky reading mo that I was worried about …

Miss Hatsune who came to Shizuka-chan’s school of such a little cheeky reading mo.
The cheeky reading model with a lot of young ladies like the one in the picture is stunned , but the ambitious cheeky reading model says, ”
My father is a member of the Diet, I want to meet my friend’s father.”
If you use, it’s a bit of a sensation for a member of the Diet. “