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Love 2 Quad episode 2

A childhood friend of a shrine, Honoka who likes to take care of her.
She was like her sister to Wataru, and she was the girl she was always with.
However, in preparation for the battle with D4, it was decided that even the faint qualities would go to battle.

I was supposed to do (naughty) training.
“This is … amazing … my brother … that … oh … n”

Is it embarrassingly muffled? Wataru’s meat stick that rises heroically in that figure.

Honoka memorizes masturbation hard while firmly grasping the meat stick.
Her sloppy movements stumbled over and over, but her sane appearance heightened her ties.
Such a cute faint squirts his trunks off his head on Wataru’s bed.

Moreover, it was Wataru who never dreamed that he would accidentally see him indulging in Anani.