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Love 2 Quad episode 1

“I’m so excited about this … De M.”
Wataru and Elle during training to defeat humanity’s natural enemy, D4.
Elle stares with a stern look and a scornful smile while covering Wataru’s face with her plump hips covered in a tight swimsuit.
Wataru struggles underneath, however, with a sensitively responsive meat stick clasped tightly by Ell’s supple fingers …

“I love seeing your disgusting face … so I won’t break up even if I cry and plead.”
Due to Ell’s violent words, Wataru’s meat stick has become even harder …
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ――Ell
is dying due to mental pollution from D4.
In front of Wataru, Ell and two D4s in combat uniform laid down Ell in combat uniform, and continued to blame the limbs exposed from the disordered clothes obscenely.

“No, stop … this … you’re not me.”
Desperate Ell continues to be struck by all the weak points … The body that was enduring reacts inevitably …
Wataru, whose movement was blocked by the ability of D4, kept watching Ell.

“You just kept staring at me …”
Wataru sits upright. Elle stands in front of her with a nasty smile.
He stomped on the bare chicks with his legs covered in tight black stockings, and when he glanced at him … he slowly sat down on his face …