Snow Night Stories episode 3


The stage is “a certain samurai residence in the Tohoku region”.
The beautiful concubine “Shizuka” tells a sleeping story to her beloved Wakaden tonight.
“Tonight’s glossy story is …”
The princess, who was first seen by the lord of a leading feudal lord, arrived all the way.
A feudal lord who is breathtaking in her beauty. A happy princess “Ochiyo”.
All of the vassals and territories believed in the happiness of the two people in the future and did not doubt it.
However …
Because of her deep affection for the feudal lord Chiyo, her love is getting more and more intense day by day.
Life like a little bird trapped in a basket.
A rough hug for Chiyo. Intense caress …
Still, she is a lord who should be kind.
I could only hold back my tears because the smile I had on myself was my true intention.
However, she suffers from the night face of the feudal lord … Soon …

The complex human affection that “Shizuka” talks about-What does the drama appeal to Wakaden?