Tsun M! Gyutto Shibatte Shidoushite The Animation episode 1


“I’m asking you what this is, I’m … !!” Erotic books and AV … and SM play lovers
are lined up on the bed in my room as if they were public executions.
Things for the house.
It’s a fuss about being tied up, beaten with a whip, or wearing a muzzle-
“Why is it SM !?”

Saki is angry in front of me. She is my student and she.

She was trembling as she was finally beaten … and Saki somehow offered a towel to my nose.
Instead of her fist, a towel …

Saki collapsed onto the bed after she glanced at me, who was throbbing, as to what kind of pain she would suffer from now on.
“Don’t do it … tied up with that towel … !!”

… what? Um … what? What ??

Saki suddenly took a strange attitude, and she ordered while turning bright red.
“You wanted to do something like this !? About me, tie it up, and have sex … !!”