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Namaiki: Kissuisou e Youkoso! The Animation episode 1

The main character, Satoshi Ashito, is a hard-working student who goes to university with a scholarship.
For some reason, he becomes the manager of an apartment called Seisou, but the inhabitants there are all older sisters who have both habits and habits.
Moreover, when the clock tower of the apartment was repaired, Ibaraki who called himself Zashiki-warashi appeared, and as it is, due to the shadow aura emitted by the residents, a big misfortune occurred in the apartment six months later and it was demolished, and the shadow that lost its place. All the auras have fallen on Satoshi, and he says that the bottom of his life is waiting for him.
To avoid the disaster, infuse the inhabitants with the sunshine that mixes the power of Satoshi and Ibaraki.

In other words, it’s okay to have sex anywhere, so the aura of the sun ≒ “creampie” semen!
The target is Mei Esumi, a troubled older sister who likes to seduce and tease a man who likes alcohol immediately.

Two people, Saki Naruga, a brain-muscle type older sister who only accepts those who overwhelmed her for marriage and virginity.
Thus, in order to avoid the misfortune six months later, the Issei’s first generation “Creampie Operation” begins under the guidance of Ibaraki.