JK to Inkou Kyoushi 4 episode 1


Shizuka and Satsuki. The reader model, which is very popular among the same generation, has a beautiful face, well-proportioned proportions, and a good personality.
The main character who will take care of them personally is Yamada, a single fat teacher.
A widower and ill-mannered, he was despised and sweared by the cheeky and irreverent Shizuka, contrary to his front face.
It’s a quiet song that is completely different from the face that goes away in public. However, due to the school’s speculation, Yamada, who has no choice but to obey obediently, endures
quietly … I can’t stand it … Yamada’s chords have been torn off … “Well, what’s the matter?” Yamada, a single fat teacher who has nothing to protect, is satisfied with the appearance of a weak quiet song with his usual bullish expression collapsed. With a smile on his face, he distorted the firm tsundere and the upward-looking breasts from the top of his uniform so as to slowly knead them. “Hey, it’s a joke, stop it!” It ‘s a quiet song that tries to keep a bullish expression while becoming muddy, but in front of Yamada, who gently covers it, his well-organized face is crumpled and distorted. It was going on …