JK to Inkou Kyoushi 4 episode 2


Satsuki is always modest.
He was modestly supporting the success of his best friend, Shizuka, but he knelt in the crotch of Yamada, a middle-aged teacher who was scattered for the first time, and while being politely devoted to service, he was boldly receiving a pacifier in a place unknown to Shizuka. Reborn as a girl … “. It’s a quiet song that lurks in the body to pick up the juice that has rolled under the table in the waiting room, but the pacifier that can’t be hidden makes me pretend in front of Yamada … It’s impossible if you don’t get excited . ” One day when such two people were squirming … Satsuki appears swayingly to the place where Yamada is slamming a quiet song while taking a break at the shooting site. Yamada pushing up with her back grabbed her scrotum from behind her and turned around with a shrunken one, and Satsuki staring at them with a mysterious smile looked into her face. It was.