Tiny Evil episode 1


Takeshi Naito performing a succubus summoning ceremony.
What appeared to him was Miyu, a succubus in the shape of a girl. Takeshi repeats ejaculation at the mercy of her little hands, her fresh tongue, and her lustrous technique that goes against her appearance.
Miyu twists her little body bewitchingly and smiles indecently.

“I’ll ejaculate a lot so that I won’t forget it ♪”

Miyu screwed a thick ichimotsu into her narrow secret part.
Bounce her young limbs up and down and continue to squeeze her spirits from her cock. Miyu has a terrible smile that doesn’t look like her.
What is in the eyes of Takeshi who keeps ejaculating under her?

“Every time I (succubus) shakes my hips three times, I’ll ejaculate you once.”
“Then, what do you think if I shake your hips 444 times?”
“The answer is … Well then, ♪ “