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Tiny Evil episode 3

One day, a girl-shaped doll appeared in Hamaoka Shu’s room.
While cherishing it, the doll began to take on the human form. Nina, a doll girl who liked Shu.
She smiles innocently, picks up Shu’s Ichimotsu with her expression, and gives her pleasure with her body.

“Get more sperm from your brother ~”

Nina squeezes her mouth with her small hands and mouth.
Her soft skin and poor movements remind her of her immoral excitement for her little girl.
Her childhood curiosity and the lust of a woman appear at the same time in her appearance, which drinks her semen and smiles innocently.
The doll girl continues to devour her spirit as she wishes.

Celluloid hands start to move. Bidro’s eyes looking into.
And a writhing, hot and moist tongue.
How far can you resist?