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Joshikousei no Koshitsuki episode 6

In the drama club to which Anmi and Mia belong, there is a practice called “Glossy Technique” that has been practiced since the beginning of the club.
Since multiple men and women are having sexual intercourse in the same place, it looks like a mere orgy to outsiders.
It is doubtful whether it is an effective practice to acquire the luster of women.
However, because they love sex, they enjoyed it without thinking deeply about it.
The script to be performed at this year’s school festival has arrived, and the content is stunning.

It wasn’t the usual comedy, it was a pure love thing.
The two were actively having sex with “Glossy Techniques”, so they couldn’t play the heroine in love.
The answer that the two impatients came up with was to regain a sense of embarrassment by doing a passive etch that was different from usual.