Joshikousei no Koshitsuki episode 2


There is a secret event in the tennis club to which Kawakita belongs.
If you are in the top three in a mini game, boys can nominate their favorite girls and receive naughty service.
Kawakita desperately made it into the top three, but forgot to choose a partner.
However, he is told that he has been nominated by a female tennis member.
Kawakita is surprised to hear his name. The opponent was Hyakuka Nakayama, who seems to be serious and innocent.

Kawakita and Hyakuka sit on the bench and tend to touch each other’s genitals while the other pair are playing their way.
As I was nervous and had a conversation, Hyakuka’s mouth eventually said that I liked Kawakita.
That was the signal, and Kawakita actively blamed Hyakuka’s body.