Soukou Seiki Ysphere: Ingyaku no Sennou Kaizou episode 2


Anti-human organization aiming to conquer the world.
They were sabotaging and hunting humans by the androids created by the rare genius scholar Void.
The heroines “Ayasaki Shizuku” and “Fujii Natsumi” were fighting to protect the peace of the earth as “Esphere”, a warrior of justice against such , but they were captured by Void. A month was about to pass …
Due to repeated brainwashing ○○ and ○○ training, Aqua lost his sanity by wearing a brutal Kurichi Po.
I can’t help hearing that Flare is set to return to its original state by satisfying her …
but Aqua has inserted it into Flare just to satisfy her own desires.
While crying, even if I told him to stop, Flair admitted that he was completely defeated, and lost his desire and transformed into a sow ○○.
Final Brainwashing-
To nullify the most powerful mass of overtechnology in history, the wearer’s mind had to be completely corrupted, and the suit was destroyed.
Ask for Ji Po! Open Ma Ko! Hentai ○○ Warrior Evil Fear !!
A new world was about to begin due to Void’s strategy …