Soukou Seiki Ysphere: Ingyaku no Sennou Kaizou episode 1


Anti-human organization aiming to conquer the world.
They were sabotaging and hunting humans by the androids created by the rare genius scholar Void.
The heroines “Ayasaki Shizuku” and “Fujii Natsumi” were fighting to protect the peace of the earth as “Esphere”, a warrior of justice who opposes such .
Wearing a special suit that turns the heart of wishing for friendship, trust, and peace into power, he will defeat the remodeled humans of one after another.
Red crimson princess Ys flare! Clear Shimizu’s Glittering Holy Princess Ys Aqua!
Stick to justice! Keep peace! Glittering Holy Princess Esphere!
Let me say that Void is more important than a trusted partner.
By the technique he developed — brainwashing ○○.
By repeated brainwashing ○○ and ○○ training, the minds of Espheres who think of justice are overwritten, and they fall into infinite pleasure hell …!
Even the pain feels good …
and they believe that squeezing out the enemy’s semen is the biggest attack.