Magical Girl Consumption Battlefront Another Record -Dream of the Little Ones- + Lunar Orbit Battle -First Special Combat Technique Soldiers-


japanese: 魔法少女消耗戦線 AnotherRecord-ちいさきものたちのゆめ- + 月軌道会戦~最初の特殊戦技兵達~ (H-scene video)

“Alisha Oraon is dead”

In the world of magic and monsters, Alisha Oraon was a legendary figure feared and revered by all. Despite her death, her legacy lives on through the stories of her ferocious fighting and fiery spirit. <Another Record> tells the tale of Alisha’s final battle, and the secrets she took to her grave. But even in death, Alisha’s legacy lives on, inspiring a new generation of fighters to take up her mantle and defend the world against the darkness.

“Great detectives don’t investigate cases”

The Cathedral City is a place of crime and despair, ruled by fear and darkness. But one hero refuses to give up hope. Lisette Augereau is the great detective who relies on her instincts and her iron will to fight for justice. With her loyal friends Circe and Zanyuki by her side, she takes on the darkest evils that threaten the city. But as she fights for what’s right, she also indulges in her love of curry. In <Another Record>, Lisette’s quest for justice takes her on a thrilling ride through a world where reason takes a backseat to the pursuit of truth.