I’m not getting off with her sister – I promised her I’d only go as far as the tip, but… The Motion Anime


Japanese Title: 彼女の姉とのイケない関係〜先っぽまでって約束なのに. The Motion Anime

Title: Kanojo no Ane to no Ikenai Kankei ~Sakippo made tte Yakusoku na no ni…~ The Motion Anime

I injured my arm in a club activity and had to stay indoors during the summer holidays.
My girlfriend, Chisa, who had come to take care of me, was on a trip and sighing because she couldn’t even pull out by herself.
At that time, Chisa’s sister, Hinami, came to visit me.

When asked, she said she had been asked to take Chisa’s place while she was on holiday.
She immediately wipes his body, but the way she does it makes his crotch react…

‘Ah …… well, you’re a boy. If you haven’t seen her for a while, she’s probably a bit pent up.”
‘No, well, she usually does a lot for me.’

Hinami then put her hand on the zip of his trousers.

‘I’ll do it for you instead. I’ve taken on the responsibility of looking after you,
I have to take responsibility for these things, don’t I?’
‘Quicksilver, you can’t do something like betraying Chisa. ……

‘Don’t worry, it won’t be cheating if you don’t insert it there. Just leave it to me, okay?”