I fell in love with an older sister who had a scum boyfriend. The Motion Anime


japanese title: クズ彼氏持ちのお姉さんを好きになってしまいました。 The Motion Anime

Alternative: AMCP-135

The beautiful sister of the neighbour you met at the new place you moved to is the Delhi girl you happened to call that night…! The protagonist is perplexed by the situation where her neighbour’s sister, whom she greeted during the day, is in her room as a delicatessen. Of course, the sister seems uncomfortable, but as they manage to continue their conversation, they realise that they share a common interest. They find out that they have common interests and hit it off…! She kindly teaches him how to play, and the friendship continues. One day, he finds out that her sister has a boyfriend, and that he treats her in an abusive way.